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Our Portfolio

Wanting to make a bigger impact for Christ, we started Summit Web Dev in February of 2010. Whereas we have only been open a short time, our owner/developer, Tim Johnson, has over thirteen years experience working on various web site projects.

Some samples of our work include the following:

Summit Web Dev, LLC

Of course we have to include our own site on this page! There's no better way to showcase our skills.

We have designed this site from the ground up, including everything from the creation of the template, to all of the page design, and even the photography. It is our desire for this site to be a representation of everything we are capable of doing for you.

Homeschool Cloud Secretary

Homeschool Cloud Secretary is your virtual homeschool assistant in the cloud. You can keep track of attendance anytime and anywhere from any browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

We identified a need in the homeschooling community for a simple, affordable, easy-to-use, attendance tracking system. Homeschool Cloud Secretary was the result. We built the system's core functionality from the ground up. Then we pulled a template off-the-shelf, making countless customizations to integrate it all together. We made attendance tracking so easy, that you just click a button and you're done. Every request for new or additional features is seriously considered. Just drop a suggestion in the "Suggestion Box" conveniently located on every page after you log in.

Calvary Chapel San Diego

Calvary Chapel San Diego is a non-deminational church located in Chula Vista, CA. They have regular services on Sundays and Wednesdays, plus a thriving ministry to the local Spanish speaking population.

While CCSD was not a formal client of Summit Web Dev, Tim did regularly work on this site. Most of the work he did with this site involved keeping it updated with current information. Sometimes he designed and added new pages when necessary. He was also involved in cleaning up the design of many of the existing pages.

Calvary Christian Academy

Calvary Christian Academy is a P-12 non-denominational Christian school located in Chula Vista, CA. They are a ministry of Calvary Chapel San Diego (see above).

CCA is also not a formal client of Summit Web Dev, but Tim does regularly work on this site as well. He recently did a complete rebuild of this site, starting with a purchased template and making numerous revisions to give it its current look & feel. Any page that was kept from the old site was cleaned up and then re-designed to accomodate the new template. Many new pages were also created.

Hope Leadership Foundation

Hope Leadership Foundation is a Christian organization in San Diego, CA, focused on reaching inner-city youth and developing them into the leaders of tomorrow.

Our involvement with this site has primarily been to create of a number of new pages, including pages to highlight camps and other upcoming events, and pages to integrate with a third-party shopping cart in order to accept online donations or payments.

J.P. Western Presentations Inc.

J.P. Western Presentations is a Christian organization in Chula Vista, CA, primarily focused on reaching incarcerated youth and helping them in areas of character development and to become successful in life.

On this site we redesigned the existing template to match JP Western's logo. We also integrated their logo into the template, redesigned most of the existing pages, added a few new pages, and updated the menu.

Usher Audio Technology

Usher Audio is a high quality speaker and electronics manufacturer with exclusive US distribution headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Usher Audio liked their existing web site, but lacked a way to easily make basic updates to their site on their own. We created a back-end interface with the ability to edit key areas of their home page.

When they saw the quality of our work, they decided to also have us troubleshoot and fix some minor issues they had previously been experiencing with their site, integrate certain parts of the site with their shopping cart, add the ability for their customers to share pages from the site on various social networking services, setup website tracking through Google Analytics, and create a brand new site for their blog.

Dr. Izzy Band

Dr. Izzy Band is a roots blues / blues rock band based in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Lead singer, Dr. Izzy, went blind as a child, and has been singing from an early age.

To begin work on this site, we installed the Joomla! content management system, which provides the site's core functionality. This means the site has a back-end interface that anyone (with a small amount of training) can use to edit the various pages on the site. To be as cost-effective as possible, the design for this site started with a professional quality pre-built template, which we only made some minor modifications to. We then created all of the site's pages, and installed certain add-ons to the Joomla! core to make editing various other parts of the site a simple task.

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