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SWD Quick Updates

Need an update to your site quickly? Tired of waiting for your web developer to get to it when they get to it? Want updates done to your site on your schedule?

Introducing SWD Quick Updates!

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, our SWD Quick Updates program is designed just for you. We can help! Here's how it works:

  • Add one (or more) of the convenient site update "items" below to your shopping cart.
  • Proceed through the checkout with your order. (No PayPal account necessary.)
  • After we receive your order, we will follow up with you as soon as possible at your order's e-mail address to get additional information to complete your site update(s). If we receive your order by 3pm (Mountain Time, M-Th), you should expect to hear from us the same business day. For quickest service, please be ready to give us anything we might need. This will usually include any new text for a page, special instructions, page URLs, user names & passwords, graphics or pictures, etc.
  • That's it! Your site update(s) will be done by the end of the next business day following when we recieve everything required for your update(s). Guaranteed!
  • If you need your update even quicker, Same Business Day options are also available. To receive Same Business Day service, please have your order to us by 11am (Mountain Time, M-Th) as we must receive everything (not just your order) by 1pm in order to guarantee your task will be complete on the same business day.
We understand the need to keep your site secure.
For that reason, we prefer (if possible) that any user name & password given to us be a new one created especially for us, with only the permissions necessary to make the update. We handle all password information given to us with the utmost care, just as we handle our own passwords.

Purchase the Site Updates You Need Here

Need one or a few of the updates below? Add however many you need to your cart. Please be sure to review our guarantee and "fine" print details below before you check out.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Text Update ($20.00)
For updates to the text on a single page. This includes text replacement, deletions, additions, font changes, etc. When we contact you after you place your order, please be ready to give us complete instructions, along with any new text needed.

Graphic/Picture Update ($20.00)
For updates to up to five graphics or pictures on a single page. This includes replacement, deletions, additions, resizing, borders & drop shadows, etc. Please note that we do not modify the main content of existing graphics/pictures. If you need a change to the content of an existing graphic/picture, you will be asked to send us a new one to replace the old one.

Text and Graphic/Picture Update ($35.00 - You Save 12.5%)
For updates to the text and up to five graphics or pictures on a single page. Buy these updates together and save! This is a combination of the above two updates for a single page requiring both types of updates. Please see above for a complete description.

Same Business Day Options
If you need your update(s) done in the quickest time possible, use the following options instead of the above options. We must receive your order by 11am (Mountain Time, M-Th), and everything else needed for your update(s) by 1pm (Mountain Time, M-Th). If we receive everything in time, your update will be guranteed to be completed by the end of that same business day. Please see the descriptions above for specific information about each of the following types of updates.

Text Update - Same Business Day ($32.00)

Graphic/Picture Update - Same Business Day ($32.00)

Text and Graphic/Picture Update - Same Business Day ($56.00 - You Save 12.5%)

Next Business Day and Same Business Day Guarantees

"What," you ask, "you're willing to guarantee the work will be done by the end of the next business day?" Yes we are! After we receive everything we need to complete your update (instructions, text, graphics, passwords, etc.) the clock starts ticking. Your update will be done by the end of the next business day, or we will refund your money and still do your update... for FREE! That's right. We're so confident we will get your update done by the end of the next business day, that we'll do it free of charge if we fail in our promise to you.

Same Business Day Upgrade
If you pay for a Same Business Day upgrade, and we receive everything needed for your update(s) by 1pm (Mountain Time, M-Th), you will receive all the same benefits of our Next Business Day Guarantee, except that it will be done on the same business day.

The "Fine" Print

As with almost anything, there's usually a little bit of fine print. We'll try to keep it short!

  • The SWD Quick Updates program is eligible only for updates expected to take around a half hour or less. However, you can submit as many individual tasks as you'd like. If we determine that any update you give us is expected to take longer than a half hour, we'll let you know. You will be given the option to either have your money refunded or pay for an additional block of time. We reserve the right to make the final determination as to how long a particular task will take.
  • Business days are considered to be Monday through Thursday, except national holidays and any other days we announce ahead of time on our Contact Us page.
  • When an update is made, we will immediately post it to your site and you will have the chance to review it. We allow you to have only one small set of very minor revisions to your update. Major or additional revisions to your update will require additional payment.
  • We do not update existing graphics, except to resize or add borders & drop shadows. If you need a graphic modified in any other way, please make sure it is updated before sending it to us, and we will replace the old one with the new one.
  • All payments are non-refundable, except as noted above.
  • You do not need a PayPal account to check out with your order.
  • If you have an existing account with us, your account must be in good standing.
  • The SWD Quick Updates program is subject to our general Terms & Conditions.

Maintenance Plans

Have more work for us than some quick updates? Will you be regularly needing work on your site? You may be interested in reviewing our Maintenance Plans to save money.